Team Lizard

Fundraising at our local RSL

Thanks to the Sherwood RSL SubBranch for throwing their support behind us, and thank you for the support of all the members.

New Dashboard

Finished dashboard. 
Complete with USB C ports. 
Additional mounts for GPS and other gear. 

Tidying up the spaghetti

On the left is 30 years of additions and changes that left a pile of jumbled wiring and old disused components. 
The right image is after two days of cleaning it up and installing a clock, uhf, usb ports, interior and exterior work lights, and upgraded all switches. 
Managed to even get the all the dash lights up and running. 

Upgrade pending

A big weekend wiring coming up

Watch this space - mods to com

The dash needs some extra tech, some electrical work coming soon....

Rear wheel holder modifications

Rear tyre carrier extension to accomodate two spares

New shoes

We've created this page to make a difference in the lives of people with disability

We're participating in the Great Endeavour Rally to raise funds and awareness for Endeavour Foundation who help to provide opportunities for people with disability to live their best life and realise their dreams. 

In Australia:

  • One in five people have some form of disability
  • Over 35% of 8.9 million households include a person with a disability
  • Every two hours a child is diagnosed with an intellectual disability

Please help us to help Endeavour Foundation change the lives of some of our most marginalised and vulnerable Australians by giving whatever you can.

Take it one step further and spread the word by sharing our page with your friends and family.

We'll be traveling in a restored 1991 Land Rover Perentie, this old girl is a manual with no creature comforts, it'll certainly test our aging bodies, all for a fantastic cause.

Thank you- your generosity means such a lot.

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Raised $10000

Thank you to our Sponsors


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Kevin Walmsley



Good luck!!!


Max Dorn

Great effort guys. Looking forward to watching your adventure. All the best. Go team Lizard!


Terry Cogill

Good luck



Great cause! Can’t wait to see the Perenti Pensioners go 😂


Westpoint Autos Qld Pty Ltd


Simpson Residential Projects

Great cause!


Sherwood Rsl Sub-branch Members


Bridget Sam Macs Cunninghame

Best of luck Darryl and Team Lizard! A great adventure for a fabulous charity.


Satish Chand

All the best Brent


Scott Crozier

Great cause mate.


Michelle Montgomery


Debbie Ferguson

Great work Team Lizard ! All the members are looking forward to hearing about your adventures :)


Cheryl Morrasey


Ivan Morrison

Good luck, great cause!


Contemporary Living Constructions

Have fun, good memories!!


Garry Cooper


Wealth Connexion Pty Ltd - Kangaroo Point

Good Luck with the trip Darryl!


Dwayne Rosie

Great cause mate. All the best hitting your target and enjoy the trip.


Marian Plucinski

Noble cause!



Good luck Team Lizard!


Michael Gibson

A very worthy cause and one that is often suffered without the necessary support.


Lesley Brigden

Good luck team! Enjoy the experience whilst doing a fabulous thing.




Kylie Edwards


Harna Fary