What is the cost of registration?

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Your initial registration fee is $500, covering the registration of your chosen car. You only need to pay one registration fee per team.

How much is the individual fee?

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The individual fee is $1750 per person if you register and pay in full by 22 March 2024; the fee is then $2000 from 23 March 2024 through to the close of registrations.

The individual fee allows us to provide you with the safest and most enjoyable Rally event possible, inclusive of all meals, camping fees, and two essential ferry transits as well as a much sought after merchandise pack!

In addition, each team will be provided with RallySafe - a purpose-built satellite positioning system that will keep you in constant contact with rally officials and enable your friends to track your trip from home. RallySafe is even used by both the Australian Rally Championship and World Rally Championship.

When is the individual fee due?

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All individual fees are due by May 31, 2024. For those wishing to pay in installments, we have developed personalised monthly payment plans to make the overall cost more accessible for everyone.

Can the $5,000 fundraising commitment be shared across the team?

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Yes. While all teams are required to fundraise a minimum of $5,000, this amount be contributed to by each individual member of a team to ensure everyone has equal impact and buy in.

Car Requirements

What sort of car can I take on the Rally?

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The Great Endeavour Rally takes you on (and off) some of Australia’s greatest roads and is a great test for both car and team. The Rally is achievable for most vehicles provided you have a good set of tyres (all terrain tyre preferred) and reasonable ground clearance. 

What sort of safety equipment do I need to carry?

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We’re big on safety and you need to be able to carry a few extras to tackle some of the most remote areas on the Rally route. This includes a couple of spare tyres and recovery equipment should you find yourself stuck in the mud or bull dust. We can supply a full list of requirements upon request.

Can I take my daily drive on the Rally?

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If your daily drive is a 4WD you’re near set to take on the adventure of a lifetime. A few extras would be all that’s needed.

If you’re nervous about driving your vehicle on the odd rough road get in touch and we can talk you through a typical day behind the wheel.

How will I know if my car is Rally ready?

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We can provide you with a scrutineering list for you to pass on to your local mechanic so they can run their eye over your car.


What if a company wants to sponsor my car?

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Getting your vehicle sponsored is a great way to help you reach your fundraising goals. The Great Endeavour Rally team have a wealth of experience in arranging sponsorship so please get in touch if you'd like to chat. We are happy to provide advice and ideas.


What support do you provide to reach my fundraising goal?

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It is the responsibility of each team to raise the minimum fundraising commitment. We are here to support you along the way with ideas and to formulate a plan of attack. We know what works well and what doesn’t! After you register you will receive lots of ideas for a variety of fundraising events and activities.

Are there any deadlines for fundraising?

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Yes, each team must reach the following fundraising targets.

  • $1000 by March 31 2024
  • $3000 by June 30 2024
  • $5000 by July 31 2024

Failure to reach the above mentioned fundraising milestone may result in disqualification of team.

What is the impact of my fundraising?

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The generosity from Rally participants and donors has raised more than $11 million over 33 editions of the Great Endeavour Rally.

Your support makes an immediate impact, helping turn possibilities into reality for people with a disability.

Past fundraising from the Rally has contributed to:

  • Independent living technology to two new properties in Innisfail
  • Upgraded independent living environments in Toowoomba
  • Building renovations to the Redcliffe Learning and Lifestyle centre
  • New music and sporting equipment in Townsville, Bundaberg and Brisbane
  • Outdoor shelter and outdoor furniture for people in Wacol
  • New biscuit oven, biscuit co-extruder, and training and development equipment for people in Kingaroy
  • Two sensory rooms to the Hervey Bay and Ipswich Learning and Lifestyle centres
  • Refurbishment of the Learning & Lifestyle service for people in Townsville
  • iPads and software for people in Learning & Lifestyles across QLD
  • Thrive learning program
  • Virtual Reality learning


How many people can I have in my team?

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You can have as many people in your team as you can fit safely in your vehicle. All teams require a minimum of two (2) people (1 driver; 1 navigator).

Can we enter more than one car?

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Yes you can enter as many cars as you like, please keep in mind that the minimum fundraising commitment is applied to each vehicle that enters the Rally.


Is the Rally safe?

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Organisers of the Great Endeavour Rally place a significant emphasis on participant safety and aim to provide a safe and enjoyable experience. Each participating car is fitted with a RallySafe unit which is a global tracking and timing system. This RallySafe unit ensures you are always in contact with us and can communicate even when your mobile phone is out of range.

With the dedicated support of the Australian Army, Transport Field Services, as well as medical support, help is never too far away. The whole team works together to make sure no one gets left behind.

I know how to drive a car but that’s about it, can I still do the Rally?

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Absolutely, we have the support of the Australian Army who provide mechanical support along the way. If they can’t get you up and running on the side of the road they will put in the hours at night to get you to the start line the next morning. The Rally community is full of people with experience and mechanical ability. Even if you aren’t mechanically minded there are plenty of people around to help out.

What is accommodation like on the rally?

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The Rally goes to some of the most remote and scenic locations in Australia, and as such accommodation is limited and you will be required to camp. There’s nothing quite like a swag under the stars out bush! We do attempt to access facilities where possible so you can shower however this isn’t always possible. This year's rally will be almost exclusively camping-based due to the locations we will be visiting.

All participants will be required to cover their own accommodation on the evening prior to departure in Cairns and for the final night when back in Cairns at the end. We are able to recommend preferred accommodation providers.