Rally Information

As you prepare for the adventure of a lifetime, you will receive a welcome pack with essential information for the journey ahead including tips and tricks and a sensible driving guide.

Please email rally@endeavour.com.au if you require another copy of this information.

In the meantime, please also review the compulsory equipment list below.


  • A speedo or tripmeter that reads to at least one tenth of a kilometre
  • Fire extinguisher that is accessible and firmly mounted
  • A minimum 5 litres of drinking water for each crew member
  • A Snatchem strap and 4.7t rated D shackle(not tow rope or chain)
  • Mud Flaps of stout material for each driving wheel (Mud flaps must be at least 100mm off ground when vehicle is fully loaded)
  • 20 litre (legal) fuel container full at the beginning of each day
  • Fitted UHF radio in working order
  • An orange rotating light on the roof of the vehicle for use in dusty conditions - must be unobstructed and easily visible from the front and rear (red, green, blue and strobe lights not allowed)
  • Sleeping gear for each crew member
  • Seat belts must be fitted to the vehicle for each crew member and worn at all times (full harness seat belts are highly recommended for rally cars)
  • Good quality first aid kit carrying sufficient materials for remote travelling - seek advice from your local first aid supplier or ambulance station
  • Two reflective triangles
  • Safely stored de-ditching shovel
  • Laminated windscreen
  • Rear facing car number - must be clearly visible on the right side of the car
  • Clearly visible forward facing car number on the top passenger side of the windscreen
  • A space of at least 600mm X 450mm must be kept clear on each front door or an area approved by the organisers for the official door signs
  • A Queensland Transport modification plate must be fitted for any major modifications to the vehicle. E.g. roll cage, extra/altered seats and seat belts, extra/altered fuel tank. Contact your nearest Department of Transport office for more information.
  • An Australian Road Atlas or maps covering the entire course.
  • RallySafe installation kits will be sent to you. These must be installed before scrutineering.

Only Rally Cars require these items:

  • We highly recommend you have a certified ROPS, Roll Cage, or ANCAP rating of 3+.
  • A centrally mounted front and rear Haymen Reece type tow hitch for stiff bar towing and snatch strap recovering

If your vehicle does not comply with all of the essential equipment, you can only follow the main roads. This rule will be strictly adhered to by the Organisers without exception.

Award List

Not only do you have the satisfaction of raising money to support people with a disability, you can get right into the spirit of the Great Endeavour Rally with many awards that are up for grabs.

Award Name Requirements
Wild & Wackiest Car and Crew Award Presented to the crew that is a bit out of the ordinary with their car presentation/decoration and costumes. This is awarded to the crew that thinks outside the box and seeks public and media attention.
Lost, Found and Broken Down Award Presented to the crew that is always getting lost or car is broken down. In true Endeavour spirit, they always managed to find their way back to the field or get their vehicle mobile again.
Best Presented Vehicle Award Awarded by a panel of judges to the vehicle they deem to be the best Vehicle and Crew presentation.
Supreme Endeavour Award As the name suggests, this is the Supreme Award and can't be won, it can only be earned. It is awarded to a person or crew who represents best what the Great Endeavour is all about – Loyalty, participation, promotion, fundraising and true spirit to the Great Endeavour and the Endeavour Foundation.
Award Name Requirements
Highest Fundraiser Awards The top 1st to 3rd highest fundraisers
Outright Rally Stage
Top 3 highest point scorers from the Rally stages of the Rally course
Outright Positions 1st and 2nd Road Trip 1st and 2nd highest point scorers from the Road Trip

Family Crew Award

The highest placed family crew in the rally stages
Class Awards – Rally
  • Class A - Vehicles up to 1970 4 and 6 Cylinders
  • Class A1 – Vehicles up to 1970 8 Cylinders
  • Class B - 1971 to 1985 4 and 6 Cylinders
  • Class B1 - 1971 to 1985 8 Cylinders
  • Class C – Post 1985 4 and 6 Cylinders
  • Class D - Post 1985 8 Cylinders
  • Class D - 4WD & Tradies Vehicles
Class Awards - Road Trip
  • Class A - All Female (non Family) Crew
  • Class B - All Male (non family)
  • Class C - Mixed Male and Female (non family)
  • Class D - Married Couple
  • Class E - Family

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