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22 August - 1 september


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Your Poeppel Corner Adventure
22 August - 1 September

If you have ever thought about going on a 10-day adventure and ticking off some real bucket list locations, this is the charity motoring event for you.

It all kicks off in the Queensland town of Roma on August 22, with scrutineering and a welcome dinner. To make sure you're all set to arrive at the finish line in Longreach on September 1, we'll inspect your vehicle. Once you have been given the okay and received your Roadbook, it's off to the welcome dinner where you will join up with the rally family.

On August 23, you will be taking the road less travelled to Longreach. This is when you will learn firsthand the real beauty of the Great Endeavour Rally. You will get to drive on private station tracks, through National and State parks along with all of the iconic tracks like the Birdsville Track, the Warburton, and all going well Walkers Crossing. In no time you will really see that it's about more than just the journey from start line to finish line - it's about all the classic destinations you tick off along the way.

You will be stopping in at places like Tibooburra, Innaminka, Birdsville, and Big Red, along with a couple of stops at some truly impressive stations all before pulling up stumps in Longreach. Plus, if you ever wanted to stand in 3 states at one time, you will get the opportunity to do so twice when we stop in at Cameron Corner before our midway point at Poeppel Corner.

This is truly an event not to be missed, and with the great bunch of people we like to call the Rally Family it will be an adventure to remember.

An 4X4 style Outback adventure suitable to both 4WD and 2WD cars
A great adventure with excellent support and a sense of community


So, what do you need to take part in this epic adventure? Well, the good news is your car doesn't need to be a certain age or price point; you can drive a 2WD or 4WD, a new car, or an older car, and you can even take as many passengers as you can legally hold in your vehicle.

Of course, a journey like this one cannot be taken lightly. We will give you a list of what you need to carry and what you might also need to fit into your vehicle. The list isn't as long as your arm but includes things like water, fuel filters, etc. The list has been refined over 35 years of rallies to ensure it's all about the essentials.  

All that said, when you hit the road you will be amongst friends, or what we call the Rally Family. We are there to support each other throughout the adventure, to share a yarn, and for those of you who aren't that mechanically minded, there's plenty of help on offer there too. But, if the rally family can't help, we have all the backup you need. The Australian Defence Force, Transport Field Services, and Komatsu are there to help when and if you need to get back on the road.

Oh, one more thing. The Great Endeavour Rally is not tradtional 4x4 trek, race or time trial. It is an adventure that goes at its own pace through parts of Australia, that brings together the camaraderie and spirit of an amazing driving community to support people with disability.

Tackle your next off road adventure in your own car regardless of age
A fun fundraising road trip for you and your friends that helps change the lives of people with disability

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Vehicle Registration


Individual registration fee


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Your individual fees allow us to provide you with the safest and most enjoyable driving event possible, inclusive of catering and camping fees as well as a much sought after merchandise pack! Each team will be provided with a purpose-built system (known as RallySafe) that will keep you in constant contact with the GER officials and enable your friends to track your trip from home. The Australian Defence Force travel alongside our full field and supply mechanical support though qualified mechanics, auto electricians, and boiler makers. In addition, a flatbed tow-truck supplied by Transport Field Services will be there to transport any car should it be required. Plus, for all other emergencies a medic is also on hand throughout the rally should their services be required.


Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of car can I take on the Rally?

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The Great Endeavour Rally is 4x4 adventure that takes you on (and off) some of Australia’s greatest roads and is a great test for both car and team. The Rally is achievable for most vehicleS (incl 4WD & 2WD) provided you have a good set of tyres (all terrain tyre preferred) and reasonable ground clearance. 

Can the $5,000 fundraising commitment be shared across the team?

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Yes. While all teams are required to fundraise a minimum of $5,000, this amount be contributed to by each individual member of a team to ensure everyone has equal impact and buy in.

How much is the individual fee?

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The individual fee is $1750 per person if you register and pay in full by 29 February 2024; the fee is then $2000 from 1 March 2024 through to the close of registrations.

The individual fee allows us to provide you with the safest and most enjoyable Rally event possible, inclusive of all meals, camping fees, and two essential ferry transits as well as a much sought after merchandise pack!

In addition, each team will be provided with RallySafe - a purpose-built satellite positioning system that will keep you in constant contact with rally officials and enable your friends to track your trip from home. RallySafe is even used by both the Australian Rally Championship and World Rally Championship.

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