Looking for adventure?

Steer your way through the Great Endeavour Rally and find out why this is one of Australia’s longest and most successful charity motoring events.

Each day you’ll travel through picturesque Australian scenery and visit remote destinations that few others get to see. You and your crew will enjoy breathtaking scenery by day and relax around the campfire each night.

Choose the Rally Course or the Road Trip. This is the holiday you won’t find at your travel agent.

How much does it cost?

2019 Great Endeavour Rally - 8 days

26 July - 3 August 2019

Vehicle entry fee: $350 per car
Individual fee*: $TBA per person
Minimum Pledge*: $3,300 per car

* Your pledge is the minimum amount of funds that you need to raise to participate in the event.
* Petrol and car maintenance costs are not included.


We want you to have the best value-for-money adventure, so your individual fee covers almost everything:

  • Fabulous food and accommodation
  • Great local entertainment
  • Activities along the route
  • Support vehicles and spares truck to keep you moving
  • Official merchandise pack

All you need to do is pay your petrol and car maintenance costs.

Although it is recommended that all participants be over 18 years of age, considerations may be made for those wishing to attend who are underage. Please contact us on 1800 63 40 40 or rally@endeavour.com.au for further information.

What kind of car can I bring?

The Great Endeavour Rally offers two courses. The course you choose will determine the type of car you’ll need:

Road Trip

You can travel on the Road Trip in any car, but be prepared for a lot of gravel roads. It may not be suitable for your new Mercedes!

  • Regular vehicle
  • Mate (to be your navigator)
  • Outback lover
  • Scenic route
  • Fun and adventure

Rally Course

To travel on the Rally course, you will need a prepared rally car, 4WD or vehicle capable of traversing a lot or gravel roads and some pretty rough (but not damaging) tracks.

  • Modified rally car, 2WD or 4WD
  • Mate (to be your navigator)
  • Challenge seeker
  • Thrill seeker
    • Creek crossings
    • Tricky roads
    • Rugged desert
    • Competitive
  • Fun and adventure

With our mobile mechanics team and spares truck, you won’t have any worries along the way. Getting you home safely is our top priority.

If you need help organising a car, contact rally@endeavour.com.au and visit our cars for sale page.

Still deciding?

Not sure if you want to enter? Participate in the Great Endeavour Rally One Day Event and experience the fun, adventure and the true spirit of the Great Endeavour Rally wrapped up in one day.

Get a real taste for the Great Endeavour Rally or take the opportunity to test your car in preparation for the main event.

See current events for more information.

Rally History

The Great Endeavour Rally has been Raising Dust and Dollars® since 1988. It was predominantly a Queensland-based event for the first 24 years, but has begun expanding through other states. The 2016 Super Endeavour Rally crossed borders as it travelled through Queensland, Northern Territory, and South Australia. 

Thousands of people have taken part to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime, see remote areas of natural beauty, have access to regions others are prohibited to visit, and raise funds to support people with a disability. The Great Endeavour Rally has raised more than $9 million over the years.

The great adventure continues – be part of it and Raise Dust and Dollars to support people with a disability.

Highest Fundraisers


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The Canetoad Cruisers

Gayle Pattinson, Nigel Pattinson and George Glendinning




Rajah Blues Brothers

Ken Teagle, Mark Radford, Matt Grigg and Trent Keliher




Be Civil

Paul Conquest and Scott Bilby




Tru Blu II

Trevor Twyford, Wayne Goodfellow and Russell Chapman




Red Bull

Col Desbrow and Shane Charles


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